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All about Putin’s childhood is a big lie

The boy was constantly beaten. He fought like a girl. He is from a low social class.

For some reason, you have missed a whole piece of his life regarding his extreme vindictiveness, his pathological addiction to the pursuit / hunting and the elimination of his enemies. How many people he killed! And I also think that he, on the contrary, revels in his power over people, his political experiments on people and his sadistic observation of the process. And he likes to observe human suffering, fear of him or the threat of persecution from his security forces, the threat of prison, he likes to scoff at people, to look at their reaction. I like to check whether this or that opponent or just the person who is of interest to him at the moment is tempted. Here he is such a bastard type! I think that watching Alexander Litvinenko die in torment in London, he continuously orgasmed. And in general, he ends when someone’s fate is literally in his hands, especially if this person is his opponent. He simply collects human weaknesses. He likes to search and find the bait on which he catches his opponents. The story with Efremov is very eloquent and still very fresh in this sense, especially in light of the relatively recent history of the poisoning of Dmitry Bykov. And he is absolutely ruthless and indifferent - Beslan, Winter Cherry, war and the death of children in the Donbass - this is the deepest confirmation. Anna Poroshina, wife of Dmitry Brill, St. Petersburg.

Aunts like Putin because they don’t know how to think. People who are capable of analyzing have never been fascinated by him since the 90s. I remember the grandmothers who gathered at the table in 2000, we were talking about the new president and EVERYTHING was delighted with him. The main argument: he drives a plane!

"There is nothing worse than the Little, flawed man who, by the will of Fate, appeared on the top of Power. For such a person is not aimed at any Creation, but only at Destruction and constant Revenge to everyone and everything for their inferiority, inferiority, fears and insults ...."

Pure OBS on a bench (Mark (((, leaving the channel (Nightingale and Piontkovsky, okay, I can understand. But this ((More than half the country from such families as BB, and then all under one comb. Let me put your guest away. Man knows that he’s not handsome, he’s vain and ugly in sex. I’m sure that he’s not fresh in smells. Burry people are crafty. He thinks he has a brilliant sense of humor, but it’s not so. He’s lying a lot. He thinks a lot during the broadcast. Surely I’m not restrained by touching with others “ala paternal touches” like Venediktov’s. Mark, some of your viewers (like me) also talked with the first echelon, and for us these issues went to the hilt (((

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