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Amendments are illegal Constitution of the Russian Federation President

The prosecutor general or the constitutional court should monitor the implementation of laws. and you man is not a prosecutor. some things are right for you. we have a lawless state. and not a social state. there is justice but there is law. Well, man, well, you did it. our state is not legal. besides laws there are still by-laws there are still instructions. Directions. Orders. Which means unconstitutional. so I have to comply with an unconstitutional law or not. according to the constitution, we have democracy. de jure. but there is de facto. that is, there is no right.

Yes, the Russian language has lost the ability to express a specific meaning - it is interpreted in two ways and opportunistically. It is time, apparently, to write the Basic Law on a hairdryer! He, in principle, is closer to the guardians of the constitution. They even offered to wet not around the sort, but in the toilet itself, which would entail the paralysis of the sartirs for an indefinite period, despite the fact that the toilet is usually public!?

In simple words and in detail! But how to shout to those who do not care what is there and why they are changing. Change means it is necessary. They will figure it out without us. Koshara was burning with us. Frost forty degrees. People at the cost of their lives saved the sheep, drove them away from the fire! The first, pressed by the crowd, the flock of sheep burned! And the last is cold and they were eager for heat ... Sheep!

Amendments are illegal, including due to non-compliance (next violation) Art. 134 Proposals for amendments and revisions to the provisions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation may be made by the President of the Russian Federation, the Council of the Federation, the State Duma, the Government of the Russian Federation, the legislative (representative) bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, as well as a group of at least one fifth of the members of the Federation Council or deputies of the State Duma. It follows that the initiator of changes to K. can be 7 subjects, among which there is no impostor.

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