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Vladimir zeroed will lead the country to disintegration

Putin's military shoot down militant drones in Syria, made of plywood and foam with shell missiles, for a million cost - and there is no way out, because. these militants are under the control and protection of the Turks. Putin is so caught up in shit. But similar. That he, in his dullness and mediocrity, stubbornly believes.

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The level of fraud was absolutely unprecedented

The level of fraud was absolutely unprecedented in both turnout and votes. As you know - Nobody is interested in the game. Everyone remembers only the score on the scoreboard. Putin and his people celebrate victory. A constitutional story is a slow-motion name with future elections. The whole document becomes invalid.

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Putin the Wolf of Wall Street

If the faces of others were replaced by Medvedev, Shuvalov and the rest. It would be priceless And the aunt who shouted "I love you" would be Poklonskaya. "The worst and most dangerous thing that can happen to a person who is involved in politics is to clutch his hands and teeth in his chair and think only about that.

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Future of the Russian Constitution

It's great that the contours of the future structure of the future country are voiced. Everything will start from the formation: what kind of system we will implement. The proposals are interesting, especially in terms of the "transition period" and the upcoming chaos, which I would like to get away from as soon as possible.

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Why did Putin change the Constitution?

Why did Putin decide to amend the Constitution? Why was a “popular vote” arranged? Why should the president serve the constitution, not the constitution, to the president? Everything is very simple. I can explain in a couple of minutes ... literally on the fingers. Or, if you like, on cats! As for public.

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Evgeny Fedorov on Constitutional Amendments

This is my interview with the deputy of the State Duma Fedorov. He answered tough questions about the referendum, zeroing, raising the retirement age, amendments, power, oligarchs, the disaster in Norilsk, the constitution of 93, the referendum of 91, about wars, alcohol, recent high-profile events and the future.

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Review of amendments to Putin's Constitution

Overview of constitutional amendments. What is Putin up to? The amendments introduce significant changes in the domestic and foreign policy of Russia, reducing the dependence on the West that arose after the loss of the USSR. I'm tired of explaining the same thing to everyone. I personally carefully read.

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Sovereign deception of mankind

Thank you, I’m reading reviews and different opinions in my head. On the one hand, it’s because we are slaves, there are sleeping gods and all that I have known for a long time, but to know and be aware and how. We are all free people from birth, and only someone has determined many of us individuals to rule over us.

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What to do July 1st - Vote against

All TV channels pretend that this is not a disgrace, but isolated productions from the West. Norkin and Pamfilova are the most. I suspect that a miracle will not happen - our long-suffering people have already lost this vote and the amendments will be adopted. I can no longer recognize this as fair elections.

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Putin votes for amendments to Russia's constitution

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