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Laws of the Russian Federation

Putin's Constitution — lawyer Ilya Novikov

Quarantine thawed sharply in June due to voting. What to improve in the Russian court? What did the text of the announcement of the sentence look like? The announcement lasts for several hours, reads on a piece of paper. All stand with demonstrating respect for the court. And there is nothing to listen to.

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All about Putin’s childhood is a big lie

The boy was constantly beaten. He fought like a girl. He is from a low social class. His pathological addiction to the pursuit / hunting and the elimination of his enemies. How many people he killed! And I also think that he, on the contrary, revels in his power over people, his political experiments on people and his sadistic.

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Coronavirus helps Putin with the Constitution

The authors of the special operation provided for everything: a parade on a historical date, immediately flowing into the beginning of the vote on Putin's lifetime rule – one PR, passing into another PR. All in order to present the politician of the last century as the inevitable future of Russia.

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Voting on the 2020 Constitution when? Russian Federation

How many elections in April 2020, for which we vote? President of the Russian Federation V.V. At a press conference on December 19, 2019, Putin opposed the adoption of the new Constitution, but allowed its changes. If the first chapter is inviolable, then everything else, according to the president, can be changed.

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Commission for amending the constitution

Every year it’s becoming worse to live. If this happens in the Government, then what can the local people expect? What rights and the Constitution can be discussed. This is called insanity grows stronger! It’s very funny and fun for them, that’s what makes an excess of income that they don’t earn.

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Welcome to the personal blog of Vladimir Putin! What is happening in Russia?

Putin votes for amendments to Russia's constitution

How do you feel about constitutional change?