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Every year it’s becoming worse to live. If this happens in the Government, then what can the local people expect? What rights and the Constitution can be discussed. This is called insanity grows stronger! It’s very funny and fun for them, that’s what makes an excess of income that they don’t earn, don’t know laws and haven’t read laws, but do they have to go to the government? The degradation of officials in fact, which Vladimir Ilyich mentioned in his works, is precisely for this that the people's control of officials at all levels is needed. And without this control, any laws are simply useless, they will not be executed, which is observed today.

Here are my suggestions for amendments:

  1. Nationalize the Bank of Russia and key enterprises, reorganize the Rosimushchestvo and create a supervisory authority of the type of OBXSS. (why feed the parasitic oligarchs who spend our money abroad?)
  2. Remove the maratorium on the death penalty and apply it to stealing officials, corrupt judges and other scum.
  3. To disperse the useless State Duma, which allows the Russians to collect brushwood and organize a committee of really working people.
  4. legislatively assign to citizens of Russia the right to a share of the sale of natural wealth. (Public property) It seems like something more like a socially oriented state policy?

“While I am the President,” I heard repeatedly and each time he did not fulfill his promise. The Commander-in-Chief, the rank officer gives his word and does not hold it. "The real colonel." An honor Moscow officer would have shot himself in the head several times. Ugh on you, bastard. But what did Pushkov say so outstanding? What before in the USSR they played spools celebrating on May 9 !? It seems that everyone just had to come up with something to pretend that something was being done. The only one who told the truth is Roshal! Everyone laughed, those who were not in the regional hospitals and clinics.

What will be the benefits?

They gave additional payments, benefits, promises of a decent life for citizens and bang! As a bonus constitutional change! Just not beneficial to the people, so we took into account the indexation of pensions for smoothing!)) And the fact that the Federation Council will decide and control everything and the president! And who the hell complains to the Strasbourg court, world law will no longer be for us! SHORT MASS SERVICE!

Putin, about six years ago, across Russia 24 showed us Jane Psaki .. the sixth fleet will sail to the coast of Belarus, remember? !!! How did you show it .. well, like a fool there. And Isinbayeva looks better, telling about that how did she read the constitution? !!!! What nonsense, what morons will we change it? !!! How will this all end ???? Lord help us !!!!

When will this end? When, blah, this shushera, removed from politics, !!!! (Isinbayev, Valuev, a fool from the series University of Kozhevnikov, etc., etc.) The Constitution is the highest source of legal force !!!! Why should people who have no legal education rewrite it, why not change the point? !!! And we are talking about a package of amendments !!!!. Or maybe it would be better to dissolve the government, re-elect a thought (national with salaries, where they work .. Teachers, paramedics gathered gathered and march to their jobs, do not hell to sit there !!!!!

A complete starlet ... this Esimbaev chicken showed the emptiness of its shard ... and everyone was so touched ... Our unrivaled surrounded himself with fools and licking ... they are discussing the constitution ... is that you, toys ??? This is a disaster. As long as these clowns are in power, there will be nothing good.

Carry out exams on knowledge of the constitution and remove everyone who does not pass the exam !!! and they laugh !!!! - they have fun !!! My minimum pension is 7,500 rubles, and the monthly payment for heating my house is from 9,000 to 19,000 rubles, because there is no gas in our village, and the gas pipe to Europe passes near our village 3 km away. This is the Tomsk region, the bank of the Ob River

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