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Coronavirus helps Putin with the Constitution

The authors of the special operation provided for everything: a parade on a historical date, immediately flowing into the beginning of the vote on Putin's lifetime rule – one PR, passing into another PR. All in order to present the politician of the last century as the inevitable future of Russia. To provide a historical dead end with a window to the future.

When making the decision to call a vote, Putin crossed the barrier of threatening people: he understands that the risks of infection during voting are high and, nevertheless, overcomes this ethical barrier. What is Bolshevism? It is a willingness to step over people's lives to achieve the goal of power. No human life is worth all of Putin's power.

If there were no epidemic, it would be easy for us to go ourselves and call on everyone to go and vote against Putin. The vote of the person who came to vote is much more difficult to falsify. And it is not difficult to replace the void with a fake. And it is impossible to falsify everything.

There is a great desire and even temptation to stop Putin now, without waiting for any 2024S and other years. After all, the "Against" candidate cannot be removed from the ballot. I am sure that even today there are more opponents of Putin in Russia than supporters. Putin's political time is over and he is trying to survive this time at all costs.

And we must not live through this time at any cost. Putin's Constitution will end and collapse with Putin, or even sooner. To survive Putin, you need to survive a dangerous time when the coronavirus helps Putin.

Let's see how the picture of our life will develop in the coming days and assess all the risks. We will take care of each other in the site

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