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Evgeny Fedorov on Constitutional Amendments

This is my interview with the deputy of the State Duma Fedorov. He answered tough questions about the referendum, zeroing, raising the retirement age, amendments, power, oligarchs, the disaster in Norilsk, the constitution of 93, the referendum of 91, about wars, alcohol, recent high-profile events and the future of the country and the World. His opinion about Karaulov, Shevchenko, Ksenia Sobchak, Yeltsin, Mikhalkov, Katasonov, Stalin, the Fed, the Central Bank, the riot in the USA and what we should expect tomorrow ?! It was interesting for me and some viewers to get answers, to hear the position, arguments, and on some topics I gave my personal opinion! I know that some will begin to blame me for what I did not say - this is not fair, it’s not worth it. Do not think of anything for me. I wanted to hear answers to questions that concern people, sort it out and draw conclusions. Voting is already over and this interview will not be able to influence the results! There is no benefit to me from this interview (I didn’t even include the monetization of the video in principle) and I hope that the time and effort spent (my assistant edited this video until night) will benefit people for a story that will judge everyone and everyone in the very near future time. I really hope that Fedorov is not mistaken and that Russia’s independence from the betrayal of 93 will nevertheless come, and this is now the most important thing. The rejection of the amendments will not change anything at all, and the adoption will give a chance and show, at least, those who believed that Putin could not do anything global — positive for all these years because of the “tied hands” that Fedorov spoke about, are right. and now the chance has come and society has matured and the enemy is not so strong! So we find out. After all, there are only 2 options (the example with Stalin in an interview explains) and you can understand the truth only by giving a chance and “untying your hands” - then everything will be clear and you won’t have to guess and “kill” for what and how it happened in In '91, when people thought they were voting for the preservation of the USSR, but voted in fact for its collapse, without understanding, not understanding! Now it is vitally necessary to seize real power from external forces and governing clans, change the legal system imposed by the West and much more, and restore the USSR, which is possible. Huge and hard work to be done! ATTENTION! If you want the essence and quickly - start listening until 28:48 at least 3-4 minutes, and only then watch the entire interview!

We found someone to invite... This coward wrote a denunciation to Nikolai Platoshkin, a shame. I went and voted against this booth. The government does not comply with the current constitution, and is not going to comply with any other. Power needs to be changed, and then the constitution.

Why do not you respect yourself, by the invitation of silly people! It has long been tired of everyone! Vote for a constitutional amendment! Frolov - Fedorov. We are waiting for a conversation after a plebiscite) For sovereign Russia! Until 2036, we will stagnate and slowly die... Democracy, which already was almost completely gone from Russia now... It is unfortunate that you have to live here under totalitarianism... What kind of tin??? Still Putin and Sobyanin would be asked to speak! Circus and not video! The author clearly flew off the coils to release such a miracle! And the kakraulov mentioned in the video opens people's eyes to what Putin’s thieving elite is doing.

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