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It's great that the contours of the future structure of the future country are voiced. Everything will start from the formation: what kind of system we will implement. The proposals are interesting, especially in terms of the "transition period" and the upcoming chaos, which I would like to get away from as soon as possible.

To make Russia a parliamentary republic means to destroy Russia and subject its people to such tests that 90 g and Putin’s power seem like flowers. Yeltsin already gave independence to the regions as much as they could swallow. We remember the results. In my opinion, it is necessary to develop a structure of self-government, to enable, through the distribution of sources of income (taxes, fees), to provide self-governance bodies with finances, etc.

Give the chance to this "mayor of Moscow" to organize a state arrangement and this state will immediately crumble like beads from a casket. He is a dangerous man. Such a shot should not be allowed to make serious decisions. Thanks to Valery that he tactfully and with humor plugged the fountain of the delirium of this figure.

An expression sounded - a market economy. Parliamentary Republic - Please, dear. Are fed up already and in general, where does the Russian Federation? The RSFSR and the 1977 Constitution, with some temporary amendments. Everything is already what was illegally taken from the people.

Where did this Krasnov come from? In the beginning, he said something right, and then he carried nonsense. The opposition decided that there should be a parliamentary republic, and you asked the people? I am for the president, but with personal responsibility. Federalism is generally nonsense. If they come to power, it will be even worse. The nightingale and the presenter say even reasonable things.

As for me personally, it would be hard for me to sit at the same table with the Stalinists. I am ready to reconcile with the left, but there is a limit to everything. I think that is also the case on their part. Well, now we extrapolate it to all of Russia. What to do with this, is there understanding? Formats?

Remove words such as "elite" and "population" from your vocabulary. In excellent Russia of the future, all people with equal opportunities. First of all, it will be necessary to eradicate corruption. And one more question. Why taxes, if our land is so rich in resources that it’s enough not only for the finances necessary for development, but also for every citizen for his development and enjoyment of life. People came to Earth to enjoy life, and not to force themselves to work in an unloved job, like a slave. Further, dividing oneself into nationality, race, culture - this is the stupidity of the past. We are all of the same blood and beautiful in our diversity. Well, in the end, “presidents”, “tribunes”, “veto” and other “leaders” have already eaten up. We humans with a mustache and we can impose a veto and defend ourselves. We can negotiate for our own benefit.

Regarding the election. Given our degree of social degradation, what election results will we get? I'm scared to think about it. Direct democracy is likely to plunge us into chaos. Look at the polls. Ladies of retirement age vote for Putin. And they are active. We want to continue to let them determine our future ?! I believe that we must move on to an electoral system similar to the American one. Well, or just the right to elect and be elected to limit retirement age.

I consider it necessary to move the capital from Moscow closer to the Urals. In the capital should be the head of state and government. Higher courts should be in other cities. Parliament is at your discretion, but not in Moscow and not in St. Petersburg. This is paramount than larger regions. Over time, they can be enlarged a little (3-5 million each), but it is better to leave the national republics as they are.

And here I have doubts that the first time it will be possible to seize power from the fallen Putin system and build a social state. Sooo big doubt. There will be a transition period. And a little more conspiracy theories. Europe is moving towards a basic income payout system. If in Russia we offer the population a basic income of, for example, $ 1,000 in exchange for personal data and loyalty to the authorities. How many people agree to sell and dive into the matrix again? What is it like?

Valery, can you explain in your next program or in the morning nightingale who the elites are and who are they at all? And why do you need their consent when drawing up the strona? I work at the plant focused on the benefit of the device in Moscow. It belongs to the plant, as I understand it, the elite! State orders state contracts! And I understand that the director is getting rich and has profit in the sphere! And I get paid a minimum of a minimum! And I had a question why why should I ask him for consent and permission on how the country should and how it will look and reform! After all the humiliation, deceit, misery salaries! Personally, I am not at all interested in their opinion, to say the least! I'm also not interested in the opinion of various potaninas! Valery, I ask you to clarify who you consider the elite !? Who is the national street, I understand. But the local no! If you can, then post it.

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