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If the faces of others were replaced by Medvedev, Shuvalov and the rest. It would be priceless And the aunt who shouted "I love you" would be Poklonskaya. "The worst and most dangerous thing that can happen to a person who is involved in politics is to clutch his hands and teeth in his chair and think only about that. Then in this case a failure is inevitable." Vladimir V. Putin

In short, this vidos is unique. He likes both those who are against Putin, and those who are for him. But something tells me that those who are FOR simply did not watch this film completely ... In the film, they put him in the end. True, since he had a lot of money, he was imprisoned in prison.

We are waiting for an improved video with the faces of Putin's retinue. It will be just a megabyte! Meme for all centuries, which we will show to our grandchildren. I wanted to like, the finger slipped, and put dislike. Then I read from the author that this is not irony, and he is for Putin and the amendments. Fate decides everything.

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Putin votes for amendments to Russia's constitution

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