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Putin's tail. Record Amendment Falsifications. “For” only 29%, the rest — stuffing

Putin's hero Stalin. It’s not important how they voted the main thing as they counted. In this case, the slaves go to the slaughter. The emasculated country you have left for the whole of slavish Russia is not more than a hundred but less and less free-thinking. The rest of the earth they rest in peace. Or sold.

In Russia, there are a lot of corrupt, cheap people who contribute to the growth of the arrival of the heirs of fascism in the Kremlin! The whole civilized world must now give up all its forces, sparing neither time nor resources to suppress it! Otherwise, history already remembers how the third Reich came!

The Kremlin gopniks and the bald leader will answer you - "WELL THROWS AND WHAT WILL YOU DO?". A typical African survey, say thank you for not 99% FOR, painted. How much is drawn is not important at all, it is important that the population swallows this shit - but it seems that it is calmly and peacefully asleep and swallows EVERYTHING. That's why all this is going on, and this is only the BEGINNING of a beautiful life. Now, SUCH laws make it clear that retirement age will seem like a gift. Ahead is the disconnection of the Internet, the return of the death penalty, punitive psychiatry, the ban on leaving the OVIRam and PUTLAGI for those who are not satisfied.

In the next few years, the executioner profession will be the most popular profession in Russia. Until new judges and prosecutors are released, all executions will have to be carried out without trial or state prosecution, only if they belong to a particular gang. All gangs and their families are known to all.

I began to suspect that about Stalin, because it was Stalin who was the Killer of the Peoples or the Executioner of the Peoples. Googled, really, the so-called this ghoul. Khuilo is able to surprise even the seasoned with her abomination. The character who killed nations more than any conqueror, such as Genghis Khan, is called the Father of Nations in Russia. The whole palette of the ideology of rashism in one example.

Dear Russian supporters of zeroing! I sincerely wish you to regularly buy meat, fish and other products with a broken date in the store! I recommend taking sleeping pills at dinner with these products! You will find no less unforgettable surprise than from the results of zeroing! Not through the head - at least through the rectum.

And the presidential election swept through, everyone voted for Grudinin, 56 percent was definitely for him, and they announced what they needed. This gangster power is no stranger to falsification. A disgrace. My relatives and friends all boycotted, and few who went out voted against, not realizing that it was useless, the main thing was at least some kind of beggarly appearance.

Why does Putin need a big vote?

It surprises me why no one considers it necessary to explain why the government “wins” the election with such a crazy margin, because it needs to be explained! Such a crazy preponderance is done with caution not the next election, people who are against the government will consider that their vote is nothing, they will have apathy against such an armada of votes and they will feel apathy - unwillingness to go to vote in the next elections, and that’s just that that you need power and it works! I may be naive, but it seems to me that this “lever” is one of the main tools for suppressing the appearance of “against”. People, if you are hesitant to go or not go, leave arguments about expediency - treat voting as an obligation, as a necessity, like work. You need to go to vote: as Maxim Katz explained, if you don’t go, then your vote will not have to be faked, and this is exactly what we are witnessing: turnout is low and the authorities do not have to fake votes - a banal throw is made. If the turnout becomes close to 100%, then you will have to get rid of millions of ballots, and I doubt that they will sort out which ballots are for and which are against - in order not to lose time, you have to operate with whole ballot boxes, and this is an additional fawn. In general, it is a pity that the turnout was low in these elections: among all the elections that took place over the past 20 years, these elections were the only ones where the voting option was obvious, where the authorities had no chance to “scatter” votes against different candidates. Bulk - an idiot, cut off a bunch of votes against this vote. I even doubted whether he was an oppositionist? Mauger, after all, works for Putin?

The voting results are falsified! The list of amendments contains one for which a person of sound mind and firm memory cannot vote, this is the primacy of domestic laws over internationally recognized laws. This amendment conflicts with the global legal system. A citizen or organization that failed to find legislative support from the state in resolving a conflict issue is deprived of the opportunity to rely on the help of international law. Since the amendments were submitted by the package, the aforementioned amendment corrected the voting response to the logical answer “NO”.

Definitely, this is a triumph of power. The people went to the vote in sufficient numbers to make him involved in constitutional changes. Interest drew what they wanted. Nobody is indignant at all. Although there are not so many serious protests. Navalny and associates once again crap with their (completely ineffective) protest actions. In the place of Putin, I would give Pamfilova and all the medals involved. This is a real victory over the opposition. They made it clear to everyone that they govern the people and their opinions as they only want. Definitely, Putin and Co. have the right to call it TRIUMPH. It really is. Oppositionists, look at this event really. And conclude how effectively you are engaged in protest activities.

Also did not understand a fig. I do not argue about fraud. But in my opinion, the logic of the author of the charts is such that during the turnout, the ratio of those and other votes should be approximately the same, and as the turnout increases, the number of votes should fall. It seems clear when the vote is one day. Only how does the core appear in the middle of the schedule, if the increase in turnout and the number of votes are proportional, if we neglect the small number of invalid ballots?

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