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Residents of Ufa expressed their amendments to the President of the Constitution

The citizens of Ufa have amended their constitution. Most likely, Putin himself did not expect this - he was not used to amateur performances. On behalf of the townspeople, the head spoke.

  1. The idea of ​​creating a new body of state power of the State Council is rejected as far-fetched.
  2. Eliminate the Federation Council, which is not elected, but appointed by the president through its governors, who are appointed by him. This organ is invented artificially, it costs a lot of money. Transfer its functions to the State Duma.
  3. The number of State Duma deputies should be reduced from 450 to 100. Save money.
  4. Reduce the threshold for the election of parties to the Duma from 7 to 1% so that the first party does not use free votes by cunning arithmetic.
  5. To prohibit funding from the budget of parties that have passed to the Duma.
  6. To prohibit deputies of the Duma to privatize housing obtained for work.
  7. Prohibit deputies from pressing buttons for absent accomplices. For violation, exclude both. There is no one in the hall, but they vote unanimously.
  8. Do not pay salaries to deputies who miss meetings for any reason. Who does not work, that should not eat at our expense.

To establish the total monthly salary for the highest officials of the country depending on the minimum wage (subsistence level) of the poorest subject of the Federation:

  • - to the president - 100;
  • - to the prime minister - 95;
  • - to ministers and deputies - 90:
  • - further - by ranking.


  1. Instantly, the cost of living will increase at least 10 times. Poor regions will catch up with Moscow. And they will find how to do it.
  2. Abolish the Rosguard, created to suppress their own people.
  3. If a candidate fails to appear for an elective post to participate in the debate, expel him from the elective company and prohibit him from going forward (this is directly about Putin)
  4. Abolish personal pensions to senior officials and establish them as all public servants.
  5. The time of compulsory military service should be included in all lengths of service.
  6. Allocate one federal channel to the management of opposition parties. Let the truth be carried to the inhabitants of the outback through OTR.

RONS certainly supports many of these proposals. What do you think?

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