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Review of amendments to Putin's Constitution

Overview of constitutional amendments. What is Putin up to? The amendments introduce significant changes in the domestic and foreign policy of Russia, reducing the dependence on the West that arose after the loss of the USSR in the Cold War.

I'm tired of explaining the same thing to everyone. I personally carefully read all the amendments and also agree with you that for the most part they will positively affect the situation in the state! The entire company to discredit the amendments is aimed at those who have not read them, and this is the vast majority! Therefore, your video on the eve of the vote is very important and necessary.

But I listened and thought, after all after the adoption of the amendments, that the Duma, that a significant part of the bureaucracy will leave their homes. This is how many vacancies will open? These places must be occupied by smart, energetic, capable people like you. How much knowledge you have accumulated, erudition - everyone would have that, we must already begin to advance to power. Pancake! Well, how many blunt grabbers-grunts near the feeding trough can be kept

In my opinion, if only the authorities wanted something right, they could also attach a link to all commercials about amendments, where you can read from the source. And so it turns out-go there, I don’t know where! Thank you for your enlightenment! Low bow! I rarely watch TV.

The thing is that we vote in a package of amendments. Not everything is clear as you said. I hope this is the first step towards a peaceful return to the sovereignty of our country. As for the President: to be honest, I will be again for Putin, because not a single notable politician has appeared. And understanding the conditions under which we are and how the “partners” the devil would take them, they are rocking Russia with their grunts, there is no alternative to Putin.

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Putin votes for amendments to Russia's constitution

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