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Thank you, I’m reading reviews and different opinions in my head. On the one hand, it’s because we are slaves, there are sleeping gods and all that I have known for a long time, but to know and be aware and how (I can’t pick up a word) wake up to remember myself (if it’s not nonsense) different things, but when this is already confirmed in reality, at the legislative level it’s different, honestly I have seen from your videos differently. On the other hand, really why do I need to know what to do with it, to the shout I’m sovereign, free man to scream. Although you already know from the third side it means an armed man. And what to do, I started digging, what to do if you want to receive a document confirming that you are a living sovereign person, so that no one will sign this document to you, that is I watched the video of Shvet Dvip in my opinion, duck, she miraculously assured this document with the notary, who after that (he didn’t dream about these things), I almost did not know what he had. Yes, this woman assured this document, she had a case in court, but she says that with her at all they talked like a president with a living person, a sovereign, and the court was not opened, and this case still continues, she made a seal for herself that she is as a separate sovereign state and of course it all works and works, but how to get this document. if she herself says .that after her case at the notary’s hands are shaking and don’t sign anyone, so what to do, how to become a living person ??????? A double-edged sword :)))

We are all free people from birth, and only someone has determined many of us individuals to rule over us. And for me, this is a resident of these lands, planets more important than a person for centuries. A citizen. After such views, many people try to get out of the status of a person into a person’s status, where his neighbor will remain a person and with this individual this person can do whatever he wants. Do we need this, people?

There is the status of a citizen (guest) and no matter what right to refer to (free, sovereign, citizen, migrant, etc.) - all this is the side of the same coin and the status of the owner of the territory through tribal law. Responsibility for the territory is fashionable to bear through family law and rights are given under the announced responsibility. There was no other, and never will be. And your Masons obey the same laws.

No system will work if individual cogs want to move on their own. The machine will stop working, and the cogs will become completely unnecessary and useless outside the machine. Move alone will not work. Movement is only possible together. Even on the divine planes there is a hierarchy. Each in its place. Any freedom implies responsibility. So it’s completely free - it doesn’t happen. Freedom must be inside, not outside. So do not talk about the USSR either without having personal experience living under socialism.

Much becomes clear - after replacing a passport, we are called contrary to the rules of the Russian language an abbreviation - the name of an individual - an object, like you are an inanimate object - absurd, these laws are not written, so if laws are written for a certain circle of individuals, there are those who live according to other rules of a higher order, the brains of the majority are dusted up, the study of the rules of the universe, the laws of the philosophy of life, free will - freedom of choice, written laws for objects, for a living, meaningful person, puppeteers and puppets have no right to dictate conditions to free, capable individuals.

Why do you fuck each other? Power is resources, people are also resources. Who has more resources, the one at the helm. The rest is just formalities; the system is a machine. If the nuts and bolts are in place, she goes, and how and where, as well as for what resources, the one who is at the helm decides. If you read this and are able to reason, then this proposal is enough to draw conclusions. My conclusion is simple. Either you build your system, or you become a fuel or another mechanism. What Zhenya does, I think it’s clear.

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