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The check caught fire Lamborghini

I think this is lamb's burning some kind of Italian can't often break, or the fact that Raschke she breaks down and hands on the curves of the service, in its homeland it would have kicked ass. Yes, to you hammer happened that the people were bred for the purchase of this gonotheca. Polupoker when he'll catch on that it should sell, and buy a lamp and drain it to break down will not be so.

Throw away your Lamba. the broke, then you in it shit yourself, the next video call. tin, Hana lambe. actually scratched the bumper a bit a thread. Yes pushed off the broken lamb with a bunch of hidden errors in the system, which will periodically appear throughout the use, in the end you will give as much for repairs and diagnostics of all, the meaning of these show-offs??? Oooo, I remember that house, a trampoline in the back, remember when you ochronny sofa was taken outside, Beja remember, and indeed a lot of movies I remember.

Such a person when the gender is given. Do you even know how to ride it? Or only directly start pressing hard slipper? What a way to nakrutit one vidyahu any slag, barely scoring 15 minutes and is associated with the name of the General in 3 minutes ???? Okay I don't understand why you're paying the dough for what they did before, they changed the clutch, I think it's their fault . I told you the trough vtyuhali, which will constantly break and which is clearly not worth the money!)And it was visible and understandable at once,look on the doorposts of your lamby!!!))

Dimon, try to drive a Russian car to Germany and ride, see the reaction of people, of course if it is possible. Hi to all looking from the very first you man if you will in europe saiai in Belgium here, too, there are stylish cars. Good luck to everyone. Mlyat, each video breaks, repair on million, and always you find money! a video whining, "how much, people, what are they doing?"fuck you! I don't care about your lamb.

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