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The decline of the Russian defense industry

What's there to say about some secret factories? We have companies like UAZ that have been producing non-competitive slag for decades without any changes. Because they know that the army will buy these crafts anyway. Why are you manipulating the people? For the money that is transferred to you, you have long been able to build a small factory yourself, and then it would be more useful. Milov says that he does not know why they buy Sberbank shares. And I'm out of my Podunk town with no education know. They hide a surplus that is not actually present in this operation.

Armata is produced at Uralvagonzavod? It turns out that without a locomotive, it should not move independently! Why do we need expensive projects for engines and transmissions? You just need an invulnerable electric locomotive that can pull, well, at least a couple of these "Armat". What a disgusting reception! ""Just not to lean - Soviet logic" is Tupolev, Ilyushin, Sukhoi, Mikoyan, and PR was the Soviet logic! Blaming the USSR for the lack of competition is a lack of logic. What competition could there be within the Union in its planned management? There was competition between the workers of the same enterprise, between factories within the country. And in the international arena, the USSR competed quite well in aircraft construction, shipbuilding, and rocket engineering! I. e. had economic power - not a match for the current Russian Federation!

The defense industry has long been divided by mafia clans that devour budget loot, giving out a fake allegedly modern weapons at the exit. But in fact - or tinted Soviet, or less effective than the Soviet. Since they do not know how to do anything, they send funds to the sand: they buy unnecessary equipment, upgrade outdated unnecessary equipment. And the bulk of the money goes to salaries, bonuses and legalized nishtyaki generals, Directors, General designers. For example, the General designer of the most secret Russian radar station had real estate in France. The difference between the salary of a Director and a specialist is 50...100 times! The salary of the CEO of the group (not counting wages and profits in other places).

The essence of what is happening with SBER - by analogy with the shares of Rosneft and Gazprom-is to transfer these shares to the management of a muddy office like Rosneftegaz. To accumulate in the Dorm dividends from the savings Bank and spend at will, without transferring them to the state budget. A typical and regular corruption scheme of Putin.

I ask you to give an explanation, if the living wage in Tambov is 9879 rubles per person, then why do my wife and I get pensions of 16 thousand for two? And we worked for 40 years and we were robbed. And we have two minor children of school children and they are given an allowance of 198 rubles a month? Are they not Human and? Then give us our share of the natural resources that officials are now robbing and hiding money abroad!Why are we, the People, being robbed by our servants? They do not fear God, who says, " Cursed is everyone who does iniquity." But no one will escape from God's judgment!

Yes, it would be good to highlight the law of 2010 that the head of a budget enterprise can legally redistribute the photo TO his pocket. Here are the origins of sabotage and low salaries of the main part , and the separation of labor collectives. Only collective thought and the meaning of the activity itself can create something. To create something,to strain to solve someone's narrow personal objectives. Those who pass such laws and at the top pretend that they can't repeal it. in fact, enterprises are engaged in accounting ,estimates, etc., in order to create an activity and its legality on paper. It was smooth on paper, but we forgot about the ravines

In the noughties, I was a service partner of Hewlett-Packard, so we were sent a file in the format from above .xls, with whom you do not need to be friends. In that file there were Chechen terrorists, Russian nuclear centers and the defense industry almost in full force. The file, as far as I understood, was not invented by HP, but by someone higher up. Motorola radio stations for Russian tanks - is it not a figment of your sick imagination?

Previously, in Soviet times, this turning punks were called scum of society, renegades, fartsovschikami - and now this uncultured, stupid and illiterate, uneducated shit leads us and mocks us. We allow it for some reason, but it's ridiculous-People-we can't cope with some kind of blackmail for 30 years.

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