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The level of fraud was absolutely unprecedented

The level of fraud was absolutely unprecedented in both turnout and votes. As you know - Nobody is interested in the game. Everyone remembers only the score on the scoreboard. Putin and his people celebrate victory. A constitutional story is a slow-motion name with future elections. The whole document becomes invalid. The election to the State Duma will occur sooner than the presidential election. Zeroing was not intended. This is a forced response. The State Council performs only one control function.

If you fly, you will serve further, but as a bad soldier. The lady from the election commission Ella Pamfilova requires criminal prosecution due to stuffing. Russian leaders do not know how to lead the country. The crisis of capitalism. Accumulation of bad debts. The loan rate should be less than the profitability of the enterprise. The profitability of any enterprise tends to zero over time.

Coronavirus is the third world war in a warm form. Gazprom has not published its reports since January, I think its losses are 40%. The epidemic of computer viruses, computer threats. Internet shutdown, encapsulation. The collapse of the Internet, the creation of national information systems. Rigid dictatorial ways of management.

What will happen in America after the election?

Yes, it is logical that it would be necessary if either the connection would go down or settlement centers, in order to finish off plastic money and loans, because the economy has adapted to the cove, and it needs to be kicked again. The more interesting is Trump’s observation that there was a cyber attack on the US intelligence agencies at the troll factories.

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Putin votes for amendments to Russia's constitution

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