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Vladimir zeroed will lead the country to disintegration

Putin's military shoot down militant drones in Syria, made of plywood and foam with shell missiles, for a million cost - and there is no way out, because. these militants are under the control and protection of the Turks. Putin is so caught up in shit. But similar. That he, in his dullness and mediocrity, stubbornly believes in his lies and climbs into "World Strategists". This zero will lead the country to disintegration!

National Socialism (Nazism) is a project of Finintern and TNK - Jewish, German, British and American bankers, industrialists, Hasidim. The spiritual-mystical, respectively, ideological basis of Nazism is a wild mixture of German mythology, occultism, Talmud-Torah, reflections on Marxism in the Trotskyist performance, animal desires of German burghers. In general - a monstrous mutant, a dream of reason and at the same time - cold calculation. The Nuremberg trial, by the way, was calculated by them in advance.

With all due respect to the peoples (alas) of the collapsed Union, the accelerated and maximally simplified granting of Russian citizenship to families from Central Asia, as was reported the other day, is not even a delayed-action bomb for us, the dying Russians! Do you think these newly minted fellow citizens will defend our country in case of war, no matter what "azimuth"? Moreover, they are allowed to retain their basic citizenship. In short, it is easier and more profitable for our rulers to entrust the increase in the population of Russia to our Tajik brothers. They can handle it, be spoiled. And the Slavs will be "Vtyuhivat" on TV for a long time about our braces and age-old culture.

At the 18th minute, Strelkov talks about the unification of all Russian patritots, not excluding the "Reds". And then I would like to ask him why he then “betrayed” the presidential campaign of “red” Grudinin and did not unite with him (they say there was AP-eshechka or other unscrupulous political figures behind him), who also wished well for his country?

Maxim, I live in the Far East and therefore I look at everything in the recording, so my question is post facto: how does Igor Ivanovich, dearly beloved by me, relate to Zakhar Prilepin? The fact is that I used to respect this person very much. And I even know him personally. But suddenly he got involved in party building and. He seems to be saying the right things, but I feel false. And after he contacted the idiotic Okhlobystin (Sterligov-light) - I can't hear at all.

Dear Igor Ivanovich, it was very unpleasant that you studied our past according to the Romanov historians Miller, Schloetzer, Karmazin and other "Russian" historians. Our ancestors have always lived in harmony with nature, which greatly amazed the Scientist I.A.Gundarov when he studied the patterns of waves of viral diseases and the Saints and holidays (Shrovetide, Ivan Kupala, carols) were tied to them, unlike Christians, to sunny cycles, not the dormition of Christ (which is celebrated differently every year). And the history was given to us by the Scandinavians and the religion of the Jews through Byzantium (the Greeks). The Russian Orthodox Church of the Russian Sala was only in 1943, before that it was called the Greek Catholic Orthodox (Right Faithful) Church of religion, it was Faith to the Creator, God. Faith unites, and religions separate and are created to subordinate the people to the authorities: endure, humble, do not murmur, repent and pray God opposes the proud, but gives Grace to the humble. Our ancestors believed in the Creator, and Christians believe in God (feel the difference). Saint Alexander Nevsky fought with the army of Christ (V. Sundakoa). Hear about the religion of the murdered general K, .P. Petrov and especially, according to the conviction of many, including A. Devyatov, who was killed in September last year by the Historian A. V. Pyzhikovaya. Listen to the People's Slavic Radio about our holidays and saints. I correct: not the dormition, but the crucifixion of Christ. Glory to God N our ancestors. Be Good.

Questions for Strelkov

In the past, the territory of the Russian Federation has gone through almost all major political regimes and ideologies, with the exception of anarchism, capitalism and nationalism. We had pagans, tribal communities, something similar to a confederation based on the latter, Orthodox monarchism, an attempt to move to a limited monarchy, semi-authoritarianism with elements of democracy and religiosity in the white movement, totalitarian communism and now something mixed with democracy, liberalism, authoritarianism, socialism and oligarchy, and this state formation is apparently doomed. All the ideologies and regimes that we had have failed and have shown their failure.

  1. Maybe that's why the ban on one ideology in our country is justified by the sad experience of the past?
  2. Why should the interests of all parties be considered? Why shouldn't the strongest win? Do you think we need to cooperate and unite with political corpses?
  3. Why do you proclaim the importance and primacy of the Russian people and immediately start listing "other indigenous peoples"? Is this a compromise, your uncertainty or a new tribute for all peoples, not only Chechens? Why, after such a controversial slogan, do you claim that you are a moderate and pragmatic nationalist? Are there moderate, orthodox and other democrats, communists and others?

Personally, I see you have an incompletely formed worldview, because opposites cannot be combined. These are, if you haven't forgotten, Hegel's tales, which later grew into very terrible Marx's tales, and then you yourself know.

The shooters are just a hyped Hero. and the Great Balabolka, you Strelkov please do not touch Paganism if you do not know anything about it, Only under Paganism (the Faith of our Ancestors) the Russian people were free, How did you accept the New Jewish God, and you turned into a Herd of Sheep.

Maxim Kalashnikov and Igor Ivanych, you are historians and constantly say that something should happen, like something bad, but are you really sure of that? What prompted you to say so? What problems? Now there seems to be no prerequisites. In the economy, everything is fine. 17 thousand ($ 300) middle class is several times higher than in Africa or other Asian countries. Goods from China and the USA are cheap and they will continue to get cheaper with progress. Yes, in the population itself there are 400 cars per 1000 people, in the USA 800 cars per 1000, that is, not much less. That is, the standard of living is now higher than it was in the USSR, the quantity of goods is greater and will be even greater. Oil is already rising in price. There is no sign of an "impending storm". There is a pod with economical use of which you can live for 10 years without working. In general, I don’t know, objectively everything is OK and it will be better. Democracy spoils you. Moreover, there is not only one such channels as this one, they have also become more active and are driving them down, and in them the same propaganda "everything is bad and everything is lost". Why's that? Comrade Stalin also said that it is not in vain that we are fighting the Nazinalists, they harm and destroy any country. And what did Putin do badly? For your information, any ruler is trying to develop a country, to fulfill his responsibilities. Putin is no exception, and you harm your speeches, you are subversive. Where the FSB is looking is unclear. Nothing bad happens, the coronavirus is all over the world and yes, the economy is falling in circles and you are using this temporary weakness trying to discredit the authorities. Also, your other companions are trying to crap on the Internet from under the tishka, they are subversive. In the West, on the English Internet, such channels would have been banned for extremism long ago, and you would have been closed for 20-30 years. This is Western democracy, that is. And you complain you are being strangled, you have launched anti-national, anti-state activities on the Internet in no country, and you would not have allowed it. If I had watched how you got around Trump like that, you would have been quickly pissed off. Have a conscience honestly. Putin and this government dismissed you, and you are using kindness. Honestly, I am sure that they did not let you in the West so corrupt society. When Putin has already put things in order, do they really not understand that such propaganda on the Internet does.

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