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Voting on the 2020 Constitution when? Russian Federation

How many elections in April 2020, for which we vote? President of the Russian Federation V.V. At a press conference on December 19, 2019, Putin opposed the adoption of the new Constitution, but allowed its changes. If the first chapter is inviolable, then everything else, according to the president, can be changed. In a message to the Federal Assembly on January 15, 2020, Vladimir Putin proposed some amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, one of the Sundays in April was considered as the voting day. However, palm Sunday falls on April 12, which is the day most people go to Church. On the following Sunday, April 19, the great Orthodox holiday of Easter is celebrated. And on April 26, the summer season begins, and people will be busy on their sites. The presidential administration expects a high turnout, so these days are not suitable for voting

What are you discussing here? A nonexistent president in a nonexistent country? There is no country called the Russian Federation and it was not. There was and is only the USSR. Or forgot the results of the 1991 referendum? How much more can all these abominable little people be allowed to mock people?

In all countries of Europe and in the USA there is a law. Illicit enrichment. Among Russian officials, children and relatives living abroad have real estate. Pretty expensive property. The prosecutor's office, on the basis of the law, must require the owner of the real estate to justify the legality of the acquisition of this real estate. That's all. Not one Russian official can not justify the legality of such money. The split of the elite will begin. The elite will knock on each other.

Your guests a little forgot one important detail. That it’s not Roschinovniki, not the Kremlin’s kbists, and others like that, headed by Putin that will merge Russia 16 times as a country but will not hit more than one country in which their money lies, their locks live, their children and grandchildren live, etc. And I think the United States knows this very well. Everything is much simpler here. Nobody Novosibirsk fucked Russia. With her slaves who get everything they need and deliver to the same Europe and the USA. I just decided the "king" to enter a certain club of elites who rule the world and they pointed out to him a galley and oars. And strictly within the boundaries of what is permissible, you can show off.

Adult men are discussing some kind of Pupkin! The whole world knows that there is no living Pupkin, there are several double puppets, tees, a few pieces that are led by fascist Habadniks. Why do you feed the population a lie about the mythical Pupkin? Artists do not decide anything, but only play a role. And computer technicians-guilds supply us with fictional videos about Pupkin visiting different places! Even the passage on the Crimean bridge on the truck could not show correctly! Adult men, do not hold the people for suckers! There is not your Pupkin, but there are thieves who have sucked on the feeder. And they have a question - how much longer can they hold out? 2 years maximum. The feast of disobedience has begun - the undermining of the financial system - people stop paying loans, taxes .... And they find out that there is no need to pay for utilities!

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