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Voting results April 22, 2020 amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation

In Russia, with its size and strategic position, it will always be a tidbit. And for me, whoever came to power sooner or later will demolish the tower and consider himself king, is it not clear? History has shown how many times! For me it’s the most real thing if a completely different system is created, that is, a round-table board like 12 juries .. do not give the possibility of autocracy. Otherwise, there will again be a dictator schizo. 100% by the way, there are a lot of examples that can be taken from different systems, starting from social ones, like in Canada or in Australia, where the working class and professions are well paid and, accordingly, prestigious. Or the same system, in my opinion, in Norway, to nationalize gas and oil. Everything should be under the people. The Soviet Union also had a lot of good things and this cannot be denied. We must take the best. By the way, it will not reach the revolution since vaccination is disguised as a virus and then everyone will begin to die of different symptoms from different diseases gradually. This vaccination is a scam because it is forced and not by those who themselves wish.

The best thing for Russia and the world that self-isolation in a bunker can do is reset to zero in a yellow spacesuit is to liquidate itself, leaving a note in which he will ask for forgiveness from the people subjected to genocide with him and those who, thanks to him, have already lost their lives both in Russia and worldwide!

About Lenin and the Revolution

Lenin is the leader of the world revolution of the past era. But still he was a great man. Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky, who was never a party favorite, was interviewed in 1978 by one of the journalists in France. The question was: "Whom do you consider a genius of the era?" - Vysotsky replied that it was Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov-Lenin.

And does the historian say this? Lenin was a great, brilliant person, the founder of the world's first fair and humane socialist state! He saved Russia from the almost three hundred-year-old satanic-fascist yoke of the Romanovs! Lenin pulled the country out of centuries of economic backwardness, slavery and ignorance! Arrested and shot the damned family of the oppressor bloody Nikolai - a white terrorist! Delivered the people from the predatory white bandit trash! Electrified the whole country! It gave everyone the opportunity to get a free education! In the literal and figurative sense of the word, he cleansed the earth of the dirt of the fetid era of the false "kings" and "emperors" - these damned fascist impostors! Lenin - the mind, honor and conscience of the 20th century! Long live the world revolution led by Lenin of the 21st century - Jeanne! Communism is the future of all mankind! The ideas of the great revolution are immortal! Our homeland is the USSR (legally still existing state)! Repeat the 1917th and 1945th? Ready, my Soviet people? 1917-1945-2020!

Putin has exhausted himself already at the time of accession to the throne 20 years ago, and what's the point? He is not going to voluntarily leave the throne. The army and security forces are completely on his side. And this means that it does not matter whether he has exhausted himself or not. Do you seriously believe that the liberal liberal Zhukov will persecute the tsar from the throne? Do not make me laugh. Liberasty were already disgraced in the 90s by the fact that, having come to power, they began to steal on a large scale, the future is clearly not for a liberal one. The future so far lies with liberalism, which has recoloured zero in the totalists. Haha Yes, the authorities still have the same nomenclature that under the Sovdep disguised itself as a commie, in the 90s disguised itself as liberals, and in the last 20 years it approved a totalitarian slave system (for reference: in the 90s, liberals simply approved a slave system, which in the zeros, he also became totalitarian).

My dear you and my kindest you are my man Does not exist and never existed and never will be - there is no revolution of consciousness that you talk about and what you believe There are - some to heaven and others to hell after the earthly oblivion of an instant, nothing else can to be due to the fact that everything fundamental in the universe is already absolutely, held. You will understand this, I truly believe in it!

You are all citizens of the Soviet Union, so far, according to your birth certificate! RSFSR / USSR is de jure alive! As long as people pour dirt on each other, they do not listen to their hearts, as long as they replicate the lie, laymen and crooks will flourish in the world. The people-this is the power. The USSR Constitution of 1977 is still in force. Everything is in the public domain, the main thing is to wake up in time and wake up others. This is the TRUTH that the "folk servants" are so afraid of. Stop calling thieves - oligarchs. What fright did they become from? They stole and still steal what is rightfully owned by the PEOPLE. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is a genius, no matter how you feel about him. Only in unity can there be power and strength!

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