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What is the point of voting the amendments to the Constitution are already working

Amendments to the Constitution earned without a vote. The country falls into a pit where the law is not respected in any way. Life so ordered. Pavel Krasheninnikov openly stated that the amendments to the Constitution are already working and signed by Vladimir Putin. Putin's word becomes Golden.

The amendments have long been in force, the dwarf signed everything. There is already a new version in print. What does Krasheninnikov have to do with it? It's a dwarf tapping his foot. They called it informing. Come on, Andrew, get your act together. The President is gone for a long time, he sold out. Botox has eaten through the brain.

So clearly and clearly understand all the injustice that pret with a rotten system words can not convey, and from your lips it is even more clearly personified highly appreciate your contribution to the souls of men, the light that will not go out in you let there be powerful forces with you always.

We need logs with passport data, not your check mark when voting. Therefore, all sorts of artistic elements and party members are called to vote against the amendments with ads. We need a turnout and logs with personal data. And you will throw the Bulletin ( sick leave for the incapacitated who have handed in their passports of the USSR) into the urn(in fact, it is for cigarette butts and garbage). The incapacitated can only put a tick, not a signature, openly mock, and the people do not understand that these words are intended to mock you, this is a theater , with the receipt of personal data for the new state of Russia - the New Israel.

How tired they all are. Each gopher agronomist all intertwined, pereye.... s, and the people understand who is right, who is to blame. It's easier to round everyone up and kick them out of the Kremlin if they can't clean it up themselves. Traitor on traitor sits, thief on thief and no one for the people, for the country .There are not too bad.

Bandito lawyers this long not need to, all under them a long time ago and until under year will so, so "blind man's Buff" continue of course, that shame, but them on x ... or even knee-deep, they are the enemies and the bunker is ready for a long time in the Altai even platinum and all statements are made from tuda that is funny, who is in the subject and dark curtains and jackets and ties are even the same, stupid, but this is the same Central Bank.

Those things did the right thing.... They have adopted their own Charter-Constitution on their continental shelf and economic zones. And now they ask the citizens of the RSFSR whether they will accept their offer-rules on the territory of the RSFSR. And people who are sick in the head will go to vote for a blue or blue sky.

All these amendments appeared in January. People were shooting videos while they were in a bookstore,and the amended Constitution was already in place! And no one believed them! I wouldn't be surprised if everything was thought out long ago. I know a story when a man was in America at the beginning of the last century, not far from the White house there was a temple, so he saw a floor on which were laid a hammer and sickle.

You have described the quality of the state Duma very well. Perhaps the reason is just the low turnout at the vote. The Constitution must be changed, and this is obvious. People after the 90's have matured, become wiser and, perhaps, are ripe for change without riots and profanity. The impression that all the high officials, deputies do not even try to pull the mask of the smart, educated people do not understand what's going on?

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