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All TV channels pretend that this is not a disgrace, but isolated productions from the West. Norkin and Pamfilova are the most. I suspect that a miracle will not happen - our long-suffering people have already lost this vote and the amendments will be adopted. The term is unnaturally large - all state employees are mobilized. The Public Chamber provided the absence of observers for the entire period of early termination. They themselves are not being watched - and they are not letting us in. Because of this, visiting commissions travel without observers.

I can no longer recognize this as fair elections. I recommend everyone who is young and healthy to go and put NO. Do not be afraid to be rebels, it is fun. Perhaps all these election commissions on the stumps, on the hoods, in the bushes and on the roofs will add to the guarantor's illegitimacy and toxicity. That's so simple and visible! Amendments to the Constitution, Articles 92 and 93. Now we are talking about the former president. Why should this be prescribed if there is already a Federal Law on second-hand guarantees to the president? Explain to me a fool.

Today, even on TV, they managed to show a transparent ballot box through which ballots with the NO mark are visible! Bezrukov’s video is disgusting for amendments. No more films with his participation! Matvienko rejoiced today at the “voting” spread out for a week, fastened the tag “Can we repeat it!” They are afraid of the chairman of the Volost Council in Samolva, who has been there for 25 years or more. Firewood will not allow to cut, something else ... Recently, I was talking ... They will be FOR !!! ALL. I JUST LEAVED ... On Yakutia TV, only "For" campaigned. What is it for? Do we have censorship? After all, is it unconstitutional? Those who are going to vote “No” are not allowed on TV, or are they scared?

Vladimir Putin is a hostage to his power and involvement in crimes of the MH17 level. He has no one to entrust his safety. He has nowhere to retreat. We need to prepare for a long struggle. Nothing surprises me anymore, if the president advertised pizza, I was ashamed, now a completely different feeling. How nice to see a smart face, listen to smart - the right speech in the correct Russian language. And, God, how tired of these pitcher snouts (according to Gogol) that did not crawl out of Putin's television. How many referenda will be needed to truly bring the Russian Constitution to international standards, if any?

In St. Petersburg, police detained a member of the Yabloko party, Stanislav Bessekersky, because of the distribution of leaflets against constitutional amendments. what do you know about this and how would you comment on it? I have a biblical association for all this: the army of Sennacherib at the walls of Jerusalem. Something like that and Putin will come forward, something tells me ... Voting is a screen for the people, amendments are signed, only the supposedly legitimization of this fiction is needed. For this, it was invented. I think it is right not to recognize the obvious result. We came on the 25th with an urn, although I didn’t ask, I would go to the station. Of course, I voted “no”, photographed, sent a photo on Facebook to the “Photo” campaign photo archive group. Why don't children "educate" their parents about this reset? After all, it turns out that elderly “joyful” pensioners choose the future for their children and grandchildren! Does not fit in the head. You can not support the agenda of Putin. It is necessary to create your own. Going to the polling station is trusting Putin. Fig in a pocket does not pull. How do you like the last "repentance" of Efremov? What was it at least - bidding for freedom? Self-flagellation? Or is it really that "citizen poet" is not what he seemed to be? I can not decide. I tell you: I voted at school 25, they didn’t measure the temperature, they didn’t give a siz, everything was different. It felt like I was alone in the whole school. Where does this turnout come from?

Today I went to the polls and voted against, I was at five in the evening, there were 20 ballots in the ballot box, no more, where did they get such a high percentage of those who had already voted ... Do you think Putin understands the current state of things in Russia, or he I’m sure of the wonderful life of all Russians because of different singing along, and he still doesn’t use the Internet, they say ... It’s stupid to discuss the details of this action at all. It is necessary to propose actions that will lead to a result.

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