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Why did Putin change the Constitution?

Why did Putin decide to amend the Constitution? Why was a “popular vote” arranged? Why should the president serve the constitution, not the constitution, to the president? Everything is very simple. I can explain in a couple of minutes ... literally on the fingers. Or, if you like, on cats!

As for public / state power, a mistake: public power is a doctrinal concept that scientists use to designate at once all levels of power in the Russian Federation. State power is the level of the Federation and of individual Subjects of the Federation. State and municipal authorities are parts of public authority, and in the new edition, local authority is NOT part of state authority, i.e. the principle of independence of local self-government is not violated.

Blah blah blah that you didn’t think about the days when you swam in money plundered the whole of Russia that you built what was good sowed only a log in your eye remove Putin Putin Putin Lord give the wisdom of patience of love save and save V. Putin. As if these interesting events didn’t turn out to us sideways, it seems that they amended these amendments in advance so that the constitution would be inconsistent, and the next step would be to trumpet that the constitution should be abolished, like Putin is gone and the jambs need to be corrected, and here’s a new model that’s perfect at first glance tormented, an uneducated by Soviet standards future generation will shout with a bang our time a new system and then a new era will begin.

It is very funny to see people who are afraid of the president’s work in the future. Well, this is normal, because not everyone benefits, and we have a battle for the throne. Russia is a tidbit. After all, those who benefit from it will do everything to crap the work of the authorities. But examples of Germany, for example, will probably not be enough for you .. They have written in the constitution that the chancellor can be indefinitely in power. And he has been sitting for 15 years and will continue to sit. And some people do not like her as well as in our country, this is normal for strong leaders. I wonder if everything was PERFECT (this is impossible) would you find the problems again? Seasonings approved, now our country is seasoned well. Do not bomb, everyone understands that the vote was adequate and without any problems, as even the very same oppositionists say. But still, you need to somehow quarrel with the authorities. In short, that's all funny. Do not be mad, liberals.

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